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Would you like to increase the efficiency of your existing SAP R/3 system?

Would you like to utilize the capacities of your system as much as possible?

Are you looking for reliable, experienced advisors for the implementation of your SAP system?

Most of the companies that operate an SAP system utilize only a small portion of its capacities and capabilities. The functionalities of the SAP R/3 system can do much more than what is actually used and enjoyed by the companies.
Our consulting services in the world of SAP components will provide our clients with significant advantages, since our company deals not only with the implementation but also with the operation of these components, as well as with the development of SAP-based industry-specific solutions. This wide-ranging portfolio can work only with the significant knowledge-base and competences that give us a competitive advantage over other companies with similar profiles. If your company chooses us, you will be able not only to use the most basic functionalities of SAP but also, in possession of your SAP licenses, to manage complex business processes that span over several components. The NetWeaver technology, which defines the latest generation of SAP components, enables companies to go beyond the support of local and internal processes, and make increasing use of the advantages deriving from collaborative operation for the expansion and development of their corporation. 

Today it is not a utopian idea any more to integrate operating R/3, CRM, SRM, BI etc. components and specially designed individual applications within and outside the company into overarching processes, and to even monitor these processes in real time. A large number of our working references show that our business process-oriented approach, as well as the wide-ranging expertise of our consultants provide such possibilities to our clients that manifest in the form of their competitive advantage.


By means of our innovation activities, our company has a leading role in the consolidation and quick application of new technologies. As a result, we are now proud to have clients whose integrated business solutions built from different SAP components are used in an international context.


Among others, we offer special consulting services in such areas as:

  • the integration of mobile technologies into corporate processes,
  • special areas of human resource management, such as recruitment, selection, organizational management,
  • Business Intelligence,
  • Business Process Management.

Those companies that are not satisfied with the utilization of their expensive SAP R/3 systems, or those who plan to support the achievement of their strategic objectives with the more effective use of their already purchased licenses will probably find our services valuable. However, our referenced competences in the field of application consulting are naturally at the service of those clients as well, who are planning to design their application system just now.




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