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Business Process Support

New colleagues have joined the group of SAP users; they have no sense of the place, no knowledge of the system, but they still should work effectively. Is this problem familiar to you? 

Who is going to help them to solve a particular task? The key users? Well, basically yes, but these key users are very often busy, so you need external help.

And the following situation may also sound familiar: the company needs to operate new processes that did not feature before, while the SAP system is working well in other areas. 

Can SAP be applied in this case, as well? 
What do you have to do, what should you pay attention to when the management wants to reorganize corporate processes? 

Our business process support services include the analysis of the effects of business decisions on the company’s organization, operation and IT, the preparation of proposals, the identification of necessary steps in organization and change management, and the analysis and evaluation of their implementation. Perhaps our consulting services in connection with the application and modification of processes strongly related to, but not necessitating changes in, the SAP systems may guide you through the various questions and issues. 

If your company has undergone a significant change in SAP user personnel, and if the young and ambitious managers cannot yet give answers to the questions that are getting more and more complicated, then you and your company need our services.  


These and and a number of other similar questions may often arise at companies.




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