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If a company’s excellent strategy and its IT work in harmony, it can leave its existing organizational framework behind and step on a new path of development. Can the IT infrastructure of a company adapt to the changes as quickly as the management makes decisions about, for example, buying out a company, or expanding to a foreign country? Very rarely. Why is that so? It is because in the majority of the cases the corporation’s development strategy is not integral to the philosophy behind application systems. So when a decision is made, the IT department has to face serious challenges before it is able to adapt to the decisions made by managers. 

With our services we can help you design – right from the start of the formulation of your application systems – a model which makes it possible for you to deploy these systems in other companies and units with the smallest possible effort, the greatest speed and utmost flexibility. Carrying out the expansion, or roll-out, is not a typical task, since it requires the greatest efficiency in a context where different corporate cultures clash. However, the expertise of our professional staff and project managers will help these roll-outs to success. 

Our roll-out program management services are recommended to all of those companies that

  • are currently in the process of formulating their application system, while their business strategy suggests dynamic development in the future;
  • have just decided about the incorporation of new organizations into their existing systems;
  • are planning to deploy their application systems in internal or external company units.




"We needed a flexible, professional partner with international experience in SAP operation, business consulting and implementation. We have had several projects so far, all of these were fulfilled precisely according to the contract. In my opinion HostLogic is a client oriented, reliable partner, who offers complete professional services for affordable prices. I can recommend HostLogic to anyone who wants to support its business processes with a correct IT partner."

/János Kendelényi

Lufthansa Technik Budapest Kft./


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