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Your company’s internal regulations prohibit external access of the company’s internal SAP-based services? Or the company lacks adequate competencies for the setup and operation of SAP frames?

What are SAP frames?

SAP, following the swiftly changing business needs and technological changes, offers several products beside the well-known R/3 system, which may either be connected to R/3 or operated independently. Among these products you can find LSO (Learning Solution), a system for distance learning and examination, the SAP portal, the WEB-shop or even BI and CRM.

Because of the protection of business information, a lot of enterprises strictly prohibit the external access of their internal IT system. This protective prohibition is understandable or even useful; however, it makes it impossible to externally access systems of less business significance. This measure, therefore, may prevent the users of the system from scheduling their own time to log in independently from each other, maybe even in large numbers, and from whichever location they wish, and do activities that are useful for the company (for example, train, take an exam, or build their career).
Another problem may be that even though the company would want to use the innovative functions of a system, it does not have the personnel with the necessary expertise and experience to implement and operate the system, or the company simply has no resources for such an implementation.

HostLogic’s SAP Frame Service is the solution to the problems described above. Within a short time, we can undertake the cost-effective implementation and operation of frames based on SAP technologies, even for a temporary period of time.

We recommend this service to those who

  • do not want to learn, just use the system;
  • wish to extend the services of their corporate IT in a cost-effective way;
  • are prevented from such implementations by strict internal regulations.




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