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When buying SAP R/3 software licenses, we sign a software maintenance contract with our clients, on the basis of which they are entitled to our SAP software maintenance services for a whole year in exchange for a maintenance fee payable in quarterly installments.
Frequently asked question are what exactly the client gets for this fee, and how this service can be chosen. Below we try to give short answers to these questions.

Within the framework of the maintenance service, SAP supports the continuous use of its software in the following main categories:

  • Legal follow-up (e.g. for the monthly changes in the HR module)
  • Version update
  • Maintenance packages
  • Software bugs

Within the framework of a high-level maintenance service called Enterprise Support, which is used from 1 January 2009, SAP provides the following additional support:

  • Extended follow-up time
  • Guaranteed response time in high-priority cases
  • Direct access in qualified cases
  • Quality checks
  • Training, courses

In order for the client to use these services, however, it needs to meet some requirements that SAP makes.The client must have the following capabilities in order to be able to utilize the capacities of the service. Such requirements include

  • Setting up the client’s own competence center;
  • Implementing, operating and using SAP Solution Manager (Solution Manager is a separate SAP system for the support of live systems and the contact between the client and SAP. There is no separate license fee to be paid for SM);
  • English language communication

These requirements are understandable; however, it is easy to see that if a company wants to meet them, it needs to invest a lot of money. All of those clients who want to use SAP maintenance services through HostLogic will not have to count these expenses.

At the Help Desk of HostLogic, we employ English-speaking staff whose members are experienced colleagues ready to help 24/7. Many of them are qualified SAP support consultants. Our SAP Solution Manager system, innovated by HostLogic itself, is capable to receive calls and reports and forward them to SAP if necessary. Therefore, the software support service HostLogic provides includes all the maintenance services provided by SAP, plus its own innovation and expertise.

We recommend our software support services to all those clients who have SAP licenses and wish to enjoy the benefits of SAP Enterprise Support without wanting to invest into the necessary requirements.
You can order HostLogic’s software support services through the HostLogic Help Desk, by making use of its tools and processes.





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