SAP Solution for the Food Industry

Which manager would not like to have full control over their company?





Companies in the food industry may find it hard to achieve such control, since business operations are very diverse, and each of them requires great attention as well as well-developed IT support. 

These operations include the purchasing and processing of all kinds of materials of various quality; following recipes; handling of by-products and co-products at multiple levels; keeping track of products from production to consumers; managing expiry dates in warehouses using FIFO, FEFO or other handling strategies; product commissioning and billing to a large number of customers; arranging shipping from production sites to customers; cost price calculation and multi-level break-even analysis; daily reports for periodic settlement with retailers; need to connect to peripheral devices; and the need to quickly react to market changes. All of these tasks may constitute challenges in the daily operation of your business.


Drawing on several years of experience in the industry, as well as the needs of our customers, we have developed an SAP Business All-in-One based industry solution for middle-sized companies specialized in the consumer goods/ food industry. With this we have become a strategic partner of SAP in the food production sector.


The solution is tailor-made to the needs of specific companies; parameters can be customized quickly and easily during implementation. The industry-specific functions ensure that your company operates according to the best practices of the industry, and the implementation of the application will immediately improve the operational efficiency and competitiveness of your company.


EU funds are available for the implementation of SAP R/3 solution for food industry in the SME sector up to 50% of the investment value. On request, HostLogic provides expert help in writing a successful tender. Contact us to learn about open founds and free eligibility analysis.


Our solution contains the following functions specific to the food industry


Quality based pricing

Special pricing for retail chains

Support of banking and financing processes

Up-to date asset value registration

Easy synchronical handling of different currencies

Profitability Analysis COPA in SAP Controlling Module (by products or group of customers, by countries or even by sales representatives)

Logistics / Sales     

Transportation Management

Special Food Processing module (SFP) 

Returnable packaging management

Warehouse management with different putaway and picking strategies

Multiple level customer and pricing hierarchy

EDI interface option

Mobile Sales Management 


Catch Weight Management

Quality management from procurement through production until final product

Covers every aspects of manufacturing processes

Capacity planning and cost analysis by machines

Production Planning and Reporting


SAP Payroll accounting and HR modules connected to Production module

Overtime hours accounting

Shift bonus accounting

Other bonuses accounting

Incentive wages accounting 


Business partner, contact and lead management

Planning and checking marketing activities and their integration with daily actions of sales representatives

Monitor and optimize sales representatives' activity

Monitor opportunities by simplified revenues calculation 

B2B & A2A Interfaces

KAPU - module (management and settlement of gate transactions)

MIXER (recipe development, production on recipe)

VanSales - shipping by vans equipped with PDA

MOBIKER - customer adviser equipped with PDA

Fast electronic data exchange with customers & suppliers





"The SAP implementation was planned on a template developed in Malaysia however it was not in compliance with Hungarian accounting regulations and commercial practice. We needed an experienced Hungarian consulting partner for the localization project. The competence and expertise of HostLogic’s consultants were outstanding which made a smooth go-live possible."

/Tamás Szaniszló

FrieslandCampina Hungary/


"Our aim was to integrate all our business processes into the SAP system, and we achieved this aim without having to make compromises. Besides the financial, accounting, inventory and controlling modules of SAP, we introduced the purchasing, stock management, sales and production modules as well. After eight months of use we can definitely say we make profit from making our invoices more quickly and accurately: as a result, the number of invoice complaints has also decreased, and our customers pay in time."

/Péter Koósa
project manager

Detki Keksz Édesipari Kft./

“With the introduction of hosting services we did save some costs; however, there are other, non-financial benefits that are more important. Employee work loads have decreased, and our data are stored with maximum security, which is a significant aspect. Also, there are no production shortfalls because of system downtimes. With the hosting services we are more relaxed than if we ourselves had to operate our system."

/András Muzsek
Kabai Táp Zrt./



ABO Group has become major SAP user

Hungarian food processing company – international standards. The ABO Group, having outgrown its old business management system, has chosen SAP solutions to modernize the management of its business processes. As a result of this investment, ABO has become one of the major SAP users in Hungary.


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