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Training and Knowledge Management

“I remember last year we had a transaction similar to this, but I have no idea what I had to do in my SAP system and how did I have to do it in order to handle the process well.” We guess this problem sounds familiar to you. 

What is the greatest asset of companies today? The answer is obvious: knowledge.

Or more precisely, that great bulk of information which is stored in the brains of the company’s specialists and in the documents generated by business processes.

Can knowledge be managed well? Can information be transferred to subsequent generations?  
Our answer is: YES! 

The SAP-based processes of a company can be documented well, and with the up-to-date application of these documents they can be recycled. Among the SAP components, Enterprise Portal and SAP’s e-Learning solution, the so-called Learning Solution (LSO) have crucial significance from the point of view of knowledge management. The informed and up-to-date application of these tools opens up new dimensions in today’s knowledge management. Knowing SAP-supported processes constitutes a special kind of knowledge companies may have. Our services in this area also include specialized training for key users, and if requested, end users, who learn about corporate processes and SAP handling as part of these processes during our courses. 

If you have ever experienced at your company that the departure of certain colleagues caused serious troubles in the smooth handling of processes, then these services are recommended to you.




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